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Seerletics has been in the works since 2013 with some supervision from a physical therapy director and a university professor.

Professional and Academic Reviews:
Our 2 most reputable endorsements have come from Brent Congo MTC of Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists and Mark Noble M.S., who spent 18 years as the sports analytics advisor for Duke Basketball and 26 years with the Olympic Training Center.

"...his program could take the guess work out of predicting safe progressions for our patients. This tool seems to be very versatile and could be used for elite athletes, the 'weekend warrior,' or the elderly... I look forward to Josh [Seerletics Founder] possibly revolutionizing how we approach future testing to predict optimal outcomes."
- Brent Congo 10/3/2017

"As a sports analytics advisor for 18 years with Duke Basketball, 26 years with the Olympic Training Center, and with Nasa for 8 years, I fully recommend Josh and his system without reservation. [Seerletics] has great implications for orthopedics, physical therapy, chiropractor, nursing, coaching, recruiting, and many other areas. This is disruptive technology that I believe will have a profound impact on how we practice many disciplines of our culture in the future."
- Mark Noble 10/15/2017

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