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We seek to bring this technology to every athlete, physical therapy patient, and fitness enthusiast around the world to help them achieve their full potential and improve the recovery process.

We create technologies to help you with maintaining a healthy body and achieving their full potential. Officially endorsed by Johnson & Hayes clinic director, Brent Congo MTC, and nationally renowned scientist, Mark Noble M.S., Seerletics' systems bring data to the realm of human performance, solving the problem that we once thought was impossible: accurately predicting genetically programmed changes in a person's muscular system. Setting up a full profile is now faster than ever, and once you're done, you will be able to see thousands of possible changes that can happen in your muscular system. This includes muscle size, bodyweight, and strength in all rep ranges across about 30 major movements. Our technology can calculate your genetic potential in all of these categories as well as tell you how long it can take to reach your goals. If you decide to take time off from training, Seerletics will predict how much muscle and strength you will lose during your time off and tell you how intense your routine should be once you resume training. We aim to be your one stop shop for all things fitness related.

Meet the team behind Seerletics.

Josh Koopman

CEO, Founder

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