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Permanent Data Storage and Workout Logging

Most online fitness calculators are for one time use, where you lose your data after you leave the page. We don't do that. You'll be able to access all of your profile's history whenever and wherever you sign in.

Robust Back End Data Analysis and Front End Graphing System

Seerletics is able to analyze your profile's data in thousands of ways and outputs it on our easy-to-read graphs. Whether you want to learn something new or want to know how to achieve your goals, we can help with that.

Global Community and Rankings System

Want to collaborate with other users? Our message boards allow you to communicate and share your findings with other like-minded people around the world, helping everyone push themselves to new limits and work together to make their own scientific discoveries.

Custom Goal Setting

For each user's profile, we can help them set goals for their fitness regimen, say how long it should take to get there, and set intermediate goals along the way to help keep them on track.

Remote Body Scan Technology

With a click of a button, we can show you how much lean body mass you have, your body fat percentage, how your muscle and bone structure is distributed, how far you have made it to your potential, and detect major muscle imbalances.

Fitness Program Grading System

As part of our long term reporting service, our software creates custom calculations on how much muscle, strength, and endurance you should be able to gain over a period of time. That way, we can grade how effective your diet and training has been over the past few months to years.

Weight Management Services

We know that everyone's body is different, so we created a tool to help you know your healthy body weight range and caloric needs based on how your body type and activity levels. We also calculate how a person's body weight impacts their joints. We do not use any BMI calculators or other outdated systems. It is totally customized just for you.

data Studies and Highlights of Users' Research

Seerletics constantly compares the findings of its' users with peer-reviewed studies done all around the world using our data analysis systems, helping us both confirm what is true and identify what requires more research. Groundbreaking research done by our users will be highlighted in our Seerletics News and Seerletics Studies pages.

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