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Seerletics combines social networking and data analytics to help people become the best versions of themselves.

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Customize your fitness plan with Seerletics: Find a trainer who can help you achieve your goals. Know how your body can change with our robust data analysis services.

Permanent Data Storage

Most online fitness calculators are for one time use, where you lose your data after you leave the page. We don't do that. You'll be able to access all of your profile's history whenever and wherever you sign in.

Robust Back End Data Analysis and Front End Graphing System

Seerletics is able to analyze your profile's data in thousands of ways and outputs it on our easy-to-read graphs. Whether you want to learn something new about your musculoskeletal system or want to know how to achieve your goals, we can help with that.

Custom Goal Setting

For each user's profile, we can help them set goals for their weight training regimen, say how long it should take to get there, and set intermediate goals along the way to help keep them on track.

The Future of Human Performance: we strive to consistently create new technologies that can help all of our users stay healthy, improve athletic performance, and achieve their true potential.

More About Us

Endorsement by Brent Congo, clinic director of Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists.

"I look forward to Josh [Seerletics Founder] possibly revolutionizing how we approach future testing to predict optimal outcomes."
- Brent Congo 10/3/2017

Endorsement by Mark Noble, nationally renowned scientist and professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

"[Seerletics] has great implications for orthopedics, physical therapy, chiropractor, nursing, coaching, recruiting, and many other areas. This is disruptive technology that I believe will have a profound impact on how we practice many disciplines of our culture in the future."
- Mark Noble 10/15/2017

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