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Seerletics is the fitness AI platform you didn't know you needed. Contact us about our API coming soon!


See our payment options for individuals and organizations. Complete product release in 2025


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$10 / month or $60 / year


Best for Coaches & Small Teams

$500 / year


For LargeOrganizations

$5000 / year


Seerletics makes it quick and easy for everyone to know how their body can perform now and in the future. We are currently using it to build the next generation of elite athletes, but know that the possibilities are endless. This is the future of human performance.

Partnerships we are looking for:

  • Sports teams, gyms, coaches, trainers, recruiters
  • Sports technology and biotechnology companies
  • Doctors in physical therapy, orthopedics, neurology, oncology
  • Companies in the aerospace and defense industries
  • Organizations supporting disaster relief and food insecurity
  • Companies involved in CGI or video game character creation

What can we do?

Seerletics has many use cases both in and outside the fitness industry.


Know your full potential

In as little as 3 minutes, you can know where to start and how much you can achieve in free weight training on your fitness journey.


Set custom goals for weight training

Seerletics can make monthly, quarterly, and yearly projections for how you can gain, lose, or maintain your muscle and strength in response to your training habits. This can help keep you accountable and know where to start after taking time off.


Improve sales process for personal training

Show your prospective clients what they can achieve when they train with you. Set up their profile in 3 minutes and close the sale!


Nutrition needs for survival situations

Seerletics' nutrition features aren't just for reaching your goals, but also can be used for long trips and in disaster relief.


Injury recovery evaluation

Seerletics' projections on muscle size and strength are based on healthy individuals, but we can also combine our models with data on injury recovery to help improve the rehab process for everyone.


Integrating multiple technologies

Seerletics doesn't just stand on its own. We can combine the results from other applications and hardware to help users get the most of their workouts and rehab throughout their lives.


Marketting for College Sports

We are currently doing pilot programs for high school football teams, building a database of players that college coaches can choose from.


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